What is Autotempest and How Does it Work – A Ultimate Guide


Car shopping is always thrilling, whether you want to buy a brand-new automobile from a dealer or become the owner of a used car. However, finding the ideal model in excellent condition that fits your budget can take weeks. Although you know exactly what car you want. A website called Autotempest can make it quicker and simpler for you to find the car of your dreams. In this blog post, you will find a complete overview of Autotempest.

What is Autotempest?

The world was first exposed to the online car marketplace known as Autotempest in 2008.

Since then, it has become a dependable auto search engine that compiles listings for cars from private dealers and car dealerships across the web.

AutoTempest gathers used vehicle listings for you from a few the best internet markets, including:

  • TrueCar
  • Carvana
  • Other sites include Craigslist, eBay Motors, and CarsDirect.

 How Does AutoTempest Work?

The free service AutoTempest generates revenue by sending consumers to its network of vehicle dealers. To help you save time while looking for your next car, it even contains listings from outside its partner network. However, to find listings in your area, use any device to search for the desired make, model, and location. You can further narrow your search by seller type, color, body style, year, cost, distance, drive type, fuel type, trim, pricing, price, and mileage.

Although you will be taken to the website where the automobile is advertised. However, if you locate a vehicle you’re considering, you can now contact the seller to haggle over a price, arrange a test drive, or start the buying process.

 Does AutoTempest Charge Fees?

There are no fees for using Autotempest’s used car search engine to look through its inventory. Prices for used cars vary depending on the buyer and seller, despite private sales frequently being less expensive than those from retailers. Depending on the site, specific partner sites permit bartering or the most excellent offers.

You can use a few online calculators from AutoTempest. Such as trade-in worth calculators and market-based calculators for insurance, shipping, and new car prices, to help you figure out your expenses. You can also find educational materials about financing, extended warranties, shipping, and other pricey subjects on the Internet.

How to Find Your Car?

You can search for your vehicle here on the AutoTempest website by providing the bare minimum of details. For instance, the model and category of the car you’re looking for, your zip code, and the search radius. To further hone your search, you can also utilize more sophisticated filter options, such as.

  • Color
  • Price spectrum
  • Transmission

The search results show the listings, which the website further categorizes. Together with pictures of the relevant car. However, the key details like mileage and budget range are also displayed.

In other words, you don’t have to click each one to view the critical details of the car to decide whether it’s right for you.

You can check the reviews by clicking on the “Product Review” banner at the bottom of the results page. As a result, if you’re curious about what other individuals have to say about the automobile’s model, make, and price.

Why Should I Use Auto Tempest?

Finding the exact car, you’re looking for close to home can take time and effort. It is especially true if you examine each dealership in detail and search Craigslist thrice daily.

You won’t need to be concerned about any of it with AutoTempest. You’ll receive well-organized results that will improve your car search tenfold once you’ve informed their system of your search criteria.

Simply get in touch with the dealer once you’ve found the automobile you like—they can typically be reached by phone or email—and proceed from there.

Advantages of Using Auto

Consolidated vehicle search:

Auto Test saves you from visiting many websites to view all the listings that the various automotive websites offer.

Guides and blog for Auto Test:

Are you intimidated by all the information regarding cars? Not to worry. To assist consumers with navigating the car-buying process. In conclusion, AutoTempest provides a blog as well several guides.

Simple to use interface:

The AutoTempest website can be navigated without any guesswork. AutoTest is about finding new or used cars and offers a quick and simple tool to do just that.

The results are simple to understand:

All the necessary information is available on the results page. You can see a picture of the vehicle, its price, mileage, and location. It enables you to find your dream car by rapidly skimming the results.

Supporting resources:

You can utilize various tools provided by AutoTempest to identify your next used car and obtain new car rates. You can look for reviews, compare prices on auto insurance to lower your premiums. On the other hand, request quotations for transporting a car from another city.

Disadvantages of Using Auto Tempest

limited outcomes:

There are restrictions on several vehicle platforms. For instance, AutoTrader could not provide specific search terms on AutoTrader due to legal restrictions.

Cars cannot be purchased via AutoTempest.com. With AutoTempest, you can examine listings for vehicles, but you cannot directly purchase them. The website comes up just short of providing everything every online vehicle shopper could want.

Does not eliminate spam or redundant postings:

Duplicate vehicle posts or fraudulent listings AutoTempest cannot detect.

 How to Sign Up?

To access the website, you will not need to create a personal account with AutoTempest. You don’t need to set up a profile or sign up to access anything to start looking for a car once you’ve found the website.

You will land on a Carvana website showing the listings once you click on a search, such as Carvana. At that point, you might have to create an account on that specific website to finish the car-buying procedure.

Auto Tempest is great for

AutoTempest.com is a great resource for anyone looking for a new vehicle. Their blog and automotive instructions will be helpful if you feel overwhelmed by the car-buying process.

Drivers who don’t want to spend days or weeks traveling to and from reputable dealers and private sellers will find AutoTempest the ideal solution.

The days of having twenty tabs open to compare cars are long gone. AutoTest, on the other hand, presents you with dozens of outcomes in one place.

However, keep in mind that not all the ads on the website are reliable. When making a choice, be sure to sort through them because some of them might be for advertisements or scams.


In conclusion, the website and search engine AutoTempest are helpful resources for those looking to purchase a vehicle. Combining listings from numerous sources provides a streamlined car search experience. As a result, making it more straightforward for consumers to compare and identify the finest possibilities.

If you want to speed up the car-buying process, AutoTest is a fantastic choice. Even if you dislike haggling. After that, investigate contactless vehicles buying choices like TrueCar and Caravan and learn how to negotiate car pricing once you find a listing you prefer.


Does Auto Tempest have an app?

DeYoadds adds the AutoTempest web software to your mobile device’s home screen. On the website, you may find instructions both for iOS and Android.

Does Auto Tempest sell used cars?

Instead of selling automobiles directly, AutoTempest gathers listings from significant dealers and individual sellers. The website for AutoTempest features listings for both used and vintage automobiles.

Who owns an auto T?

Nathan Stretch, the creator, and CEO of businesses, is the owner and manager of AutoTempest. Stretch started the business over 12 years ago to assist customers in obtaining the accessible used vehicles of their dreams, whether for work or daily use. Moreover, you can locate what you’re looking for using AutoTempest’s ability to browse millions of used car listings.

Can You trade on auto-pilot?

Using AutoTempest, you cannot directly trade in any vehicle. Autotempest provides a tool that lets you figure out the trade-in value of your automobile. You cannot change your car with AutoTempest. But AutoTempest works with Cars.com to provide a platform for you to market and sell your automobile online.

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