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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his spouse Marissa Lawrence have been married since 2021. In June 2021, Marissa unveiled her latest undertaking via Instagram. She informed her followers that she had initiated a collaboration with an event coordination firm named Love, Gigi Event Design. Their Journey together commenced in 2016 when Trevor and Trevor Lawrence wife, still in high school, first crossed paths. In a pivotal moment in 2020, amidst the hallowed surroundings of Clemson University stadium, where Trevor orchestrated numerous collegiate triumphs, they sealed their commitment by becoming engaged. Subsequently, the following year saw, they exchanged vows in marital harmony.

Marking the passage of their first year as a married couple, Trevor and Marissa rejoiced in April of 2022. The NFL luminary directed an unexpected and delightful surprise for his beloved wife to commemorate this special milestone. Seizing the offseason as an opportunity, he swept her away on an unforgettable tropical vacation.

About Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, an esteemed up-and-coming National Football League (NFL) talent, debuted on October 6, 1999. He currently holds the pivotal role of quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. During his freshman tenure at Clemson, Lawrence carved an impressive path by going undefeated and clinching victory in the 2019 National Championship Game.

Across his tenure at Clemson, he etched his name in the books with a remarkable track record of quarterback wins, with only a pair of setbacks in the 2020 National Championship and the 2021 Sugar Bowl. In the 2021 NFL Draft, he stood out as the inaugural selection by the Jaguars.

Marissa’s dedication and support towards her husband’s budding professional career have been unwavering. Reflecting upon Trevor’s inaugural season in the NFL in January 2022, she shared her perspective on the Journey. Through her words, she lauded Trevor’s accomplishments and recognized the hurdles he surmounted during his inaugural year in the league.

Biography of Marrisa Mowry

Marissa Mowry, a native of Cartersville, Georgia, and a rising star in American collegiate athletics came into the world on November 10, 1999. Her upbringing was nurtured by her parents, Steve Mowry and Kelly Huffman Cass, who guided her alongside her two sisters, McKenzie and Miranda. From the early age of 5, Marissa’s heart was captured by the sport of soccer, a passion that she diligently pursued throughout her years at Anderson University. Having completed her studies and earning her degree in public relations in December 2020, she embarked on her Journey beyond academia.

Marissa’s prowess as a forward was showcased on the soccer field, where she honed her skills and earned the distinction of being a three-year starter for the Anderson Trojans. Her soccer journey began at Cartersville High School in her hometown, where she first encountered Trevor, who would later become an integral part of her life. Marissa’s ambitions extended beyond the sports arena, as she also ventured into modeling, signing a contract with MP Management.

Marrisa’s Social Media

In social media, Marissa is an open book for sharing her Christian faith, often alongside her significant other, Trevor. This aspect of her life adds depth to her public persona, reflecting the values that guide her both on and off the field. Embracing her American nationality and embracing her white heritage, Marissa takes pride in her roots and remains a source of inspiration for those who look up to her. Her achievements in sports, her dedication to her personal beliefs, and her accomplishments continue to resonate, making her a beacon of influence and positivity.

Marrisa’s Family Relationship

As evident from her social media activity, the family holds significant importance for Marissa. She frequently shares snapshots featuring her parents, Kelly and Steve Mowry, and her sisters, McKenzie and Miranda Mowry. In November 2020, she captured images alongside her mom and sisters on Thanksgiving.

Furthermore, Marissa’s online presence showcases her deep bond with her sister McKenzie’s two children. Back in 2015, she marked the arrival of her nephew by sharing a photo from the hospital on Instagram. The snapshot depicted her sister tenderly cradling the newborn boy, gazing at him with immense affection.

In these instances, Marissa’s social media showcases her unwavering affection for her family, making it evident that the bonds she shares with her parents, sisters, and nieces and nephews hold a special place in her heart.

Marrisa’s Journey as an Athlete

Marissa’s Journey led her to Anderson University, where she embraced soccer as a pivotal pursuit. As she approached the culmination of her academic Journey in 2021, she took to Instagram to share introspective sentiments about her athletic voyage.

  • Devotee of soccer from the tender age of 5
  • Abrupt conclusion of soccer trajectory due to COVID-19 pandemic and expedited college graduation
  • Concluding reflections on soccer’s memorable role in her life

Marissa, a dedicated soccer enthusiast since the tender age of 5, also divulged that her soccer trajectory encountered an abrupt conclusion due to an amalgamation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s repercussions and expedited college graduation. In her heartfelt reflections, Marissa acknowledged how soccer has played a significant role in sculpting the tapestry of her life. It has served as a cornerstone upon which her forthcoming ventures stand poised to unfold. With a mixture of gratitude and anticipation, she looks forward to weaving the lessons learned from soccer into the fabric of her future endeavors.

Relationship between Marrisa and Trevor

During their eighth-grade year, Trevor and Marissa’s Journey commenced at Cartersville High School in Georgia back in 2016. Their connection flourished in the subsequent year when Marissa began sharing Trevor’s snapshots on her social media, capturing moments of him donning his football jersey.

2017 marked a significant milestone as the duo graced their high school prom. Marissa adorned a stunning azure gown while Trevor complemented her attire with a suit of matching hue. This enchanting event unfolded just before celebrating their first year as a couple. The tradition continued when they attended their senior prom as well in 2018.

Their enduring relationship, spanning over six years, culminated in their marital union in 2021. Trevor and Marissa have stood steadfast by each other’s side on and off the field, drawing strength from one another. With Trevor’s imminent venture with the Jaguars on the horizon, the couple eagerly anticipates the path ahead.

Marrisa started dating Trevor Lawrence

In April 2017, in anticipation of celebrating their first year together, Marissa shared a heartwarming image depicting herself and Trevor during their high school prom. Within the snapshot, the social media influencer adorned a soft-hued azure dress while gently leaning her head onto Trevor’s shoulder. He was elegantly attired in a suit that harmonized with her attire.

Engagement of Marrisa

In the summer of 2020, Marissa unveiled a collection of images from the opulent moment of her and Trevor’s engagement. Within the heart of Clemson Memorial Stadium, Trevor donned an elegant suit, gracefully lowering himself onto one knee to earnestly inquire if Marissa would join him in marriage.

Marissa’s attire featured a resplendently white gown accompanied by chic black heels, her astonishment evident as she concealed her gasp of surprise behind her delicately poised hand while he presented his proposal.

Marriage of Trevor and Marrisa

The couple sealed their commitment on April 10, 2021, amidst the picturesque setting of Bluffton, South Carolina. Their path to this momentous occasion commenced when Trevor knelt to propose to Marissa, taking advantage of a perfect moment in July 2020. This pivotal question was posed at the celebrated Memorial Stadium, a venue with a cherished spot in Trevor’s heart as the home of his former team, the Clemson Tigers football team.  Marissa, deeply moved by the significance of the location, conveyed her gratitude for Clemson University, which forever remains intertwined with their shared memories.

The bride and her bridal party adorned dresses designed by Grace Loves Lace, while Trevor opted for a sleek black suit. The depth of Trevor and Marissa’s affection for one another is palpable, effortlessly radiating through the generously shared snapshots and the endearing words they use to express their feelings on various social media platforms. However, their connection extends beyond their lives; it manifests in their commitment to the community. Fast-forward to April 2023, the team marked their second wedding anniversary with joyous celebrations.

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Their Journey from high school acquaintances to partners in life exemplifies the power of love, commitment, and shared values. As they embark on this new chapter together, their story continues to inspire their supporters and anyone who believes in the potential for personal connections to impact the world around them positively.


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