Tems Net Worth: Exploring the Emerging Star’s Wealth


In the dynamic world of music, where talents rise and shine, one name that has been making waves is Tems. Beyond her artistic endeavors, fans and curious minds often wonder about her financial success.  Tems, a singer from Nigeria, also known as a songwriter and producer, holds a net value of about $2 million in 2023. She’s a well-known and successful young star in Nigeria, particularly celebrated for her singing talent. Having entered the music scene in 2018, Tems has delivered several triumphant musical projects. Tems’ soaring career and undeniable talent have propelled her to a noteworthy net worth. With hit songs and industry acclaim, her financial success mirrors her musical achievements. For the latest updates on Tems net worth as of 2023, consult trusted financial sources or news outlets.

Biography of Tems

Tems, a famous musician from Nigeria, is known by her real name Temilade Openiyi. She got birth in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 11, 1995. Her mom is Nigerian, and her dad is British Nigerian. They moved to the United Kingdom after she was born.

She spent her first five years in the UK and returned to Nigeria with her mom after her parents split up. Tems lived in Lekki and later Ajah. She has a good brother, and they used to sing together. Temilade Openiyi also went to South Africa for her higher studies.


Tems started schooling in Nigeria but hasn’t shared the school’s name. Afterward, she briefly attended Dowen College. She then moved to Monash, South Africa, where she majored in economics and earned her bachelor’s degree.

Early Life

Tems, whose full name is Temilade Openiyi, came into the world on June 11, 1995, in Lagos, Nigeria. Her dad is from Britain and Nigeria, and her mom is Nigerian. Soon after Tems was born, her family moved to the United Kingdom.

When Tems was 5, her parents decided to separate and get a divorce. Because of this, Tems and her mom moved to different places in Nigeria before settling in Ajah. Tems doesn’t talk much about her private life, so she hasn’t shared details about her parents and siblings. She has an older brother whose name we don’t know.

For school, Tems went to Dowen College in Lagos and South Africa for university. She got a degree in Economics from a university in Johannesburg. While in school, she got interested in music and learned to play the piano and guitar. Tems grew up listening to Christian music because her mom liked it. As she got older, she started liking R&B and rap.

Tems Journey of Success

In 2020, Tems became well-known because her face appeared in Wizkid’s song, Essence. This song became popular and made her famous. She also made her version of the song with Justin Bieber’s help. Wizkid’s song made her get nominated for a Grammy award. This collaboration propelled her into the limelight, catching the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. The catchy tune resonated with listeners, and Tems’ unique voice left an indelible mark. The song’s immense popularity paved the way for her emergence as a rising star.

In the same year, she released her first collection of songs called For Broken Ears. Then, in 2021, she signed a deal with RCA Records, which brought her a lot of success and money. She also released another set of songs called If Orange Was a Place in 2021.

The Career Of Tems

Tems started her music journey in 2018 when she left her job to focus on music. She learned to make her music from online videos and did well. Her first song, “Mr. Rebel,” came out in 2018, and she made it herself.

After that, she released more great songs like “Lookup Lookup” and “These Days.”

In 2020, she released her first album, “For Broken Ears.” It was a big hit, especially the song “Damages,” which got over 5 million views on YouTube and was number one on a music chart in Nigeria.

In 2021, she signed a contract with RCA Records, which was a big deal. Later that same year, she made another album, “If Orange Was a Place.” The album made her famous, and Billboard even mentioned her in a list of new and important artists. Tems has gotten many awards:

  • All Africa Music Awards
  • Soul Train Music Awards
  • NAACP Image Awards
  • Bet Awards.

The Journey of Financial Growth

The success of “Essence” played a pivotal role in Tems’ financial journey. The song’s massive hit status contributed to her initial net worth boost. As the song garnered millions of streams and downloads, she began to reap the rewards of her talent and hard work. With the global recognition that “Essence” brought her, opportunities started knocking on her door.

As of now, Tems’ net worth is a reflection of her exceptional journey in the music industry. However, her story is far from over. She is poised to achieve even greater heights with her dedication, talent, and strategic choices. The future holds opportunities for expanding her wealth through innovative projects, collaborations, and continued growth in the industry.

Tems’ journey didn’t stop with the original version of “Essence.” In a strategic move, she collaborated with Justin Bieber for a remixed song rendition. This unexpected pairing took her career to new heights, attracting even more attention from international audiences. The remix’s success increased her popularity and contributed to her net worth.

Tem’s Grammy Nomination

The pinnacle of Tems’ journey came with a Grammy nomination. Her exceptional talent and the impact of “Essence” made her globally recognized. While the Grammy win remained elusive, the nomination further solidified her position as an artist of significant influence. This recognition also positively impacted her net worth, boosting her value in the industry.

In 2021, another significant milestone in Tems’ journey was her signing with RCA Records. This record deal opened more extensive opportunities, increased exposure, and enhanced financial prospects. The backing of a renowned record label added substantial value to her brand and led to an influx of income streams.

Tems continued to build on her musical achievements with the release of her second EP, “If Orange Was a Place.” The project showcased her evolution as an artist, solidifying her presence in the industry.

Tems Net Worth 2023

Tems, a highly successful singer, songwriter, and record producer from Nigeria, has achieved notable accomplishments. Spending most of her time in Nigeria, she has gained immense popularity. Starting her journey in 2018, she made a name for herself in 2020 through singles like “Essence” and “Fountains.” She released several singles and EPs, which garnered numerous awards and recognition. Despite her achievements, Tems values her privacy and seldom discusses her earnings. Almost her net worth is considered to be around $500,000.

Estimating Tems’ net worth involves considering multiple factors, including music sales, streaming revenue, concert earnings, endorsements, and investments. Her popularity on streaming platforms translates into significant income, as each stream contributes to her earnings. Live performances and concert tours also play a role in her financial success, allowing her to connect with fans while adding to her wealth.

Endorsements and Investments

Tems’ influence extends beyond music, as evident from her endorsements and brand partnerships. Her appeal to a diverse audience has led to collaborations with various brands seeking to capitalize on her popularity. These endorsement deals contribute significantly to her net worth, reflecting her value as a marketable figure.

Tems’ financial journey didn’t solely rely on her music career. She took strategic steps to diversify her income sources. In 2020, “For Broken Ears,” showcased her artistic range and songwriting prowess. This venture not only garnered critical acclaim but also contributed to her earnings. The EP’s success demonstrated her potential as a multifaceted artist.

Assets of Tems

Residence: Tems is a famous person from Nigeria who has been doing great in her job. She is a well-known and accomplished personality in Nigeria’s music world. But she hasn’t shared any information about where she lives.

Car Variety: Tems has a few cars because she has always liked cars. She has a Land Rover, Hyundai, Mercedes, and other nice cars.


Tems’ net worth journey is evidence of the power of talent, determination, and strategic decision-making. From her initial breakthrough with “Essence” to her collaborations, accolades, and diversified ventures, she has carved a path that resonates with music enthusiasts and generates financial success. As she continues to evolve as an artist and expand her horizons, her net worth will likely reflect her remarkable journey.

Tems, a thriving star in Nigeria, has gained significant recognition in her field. Her journey started only four years back, yet she swiftly rose to prominence. She stands out as a rising sensation in Nigeria’s music scene with numerous awards and praises. Her Afro beats flair and impressive production abilities have captivated many. A genuine role model, she’s set for a remarkable journey ahead.


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