Mansion Donnie Swaggart House: A Peek into His Lavish Abode



Many people are curious about the lavish homes of celebrities and successful public figures. One such house is the stunning mansion of Donnie Swaggart, the popular televangelist, and author. The two-story home sits on a 20-acre property and is surrounded by a beautiful brick-and-wood fence that Swaggart values at $250,000. In this blog, we will take you on a virtual tour of Donnie Swaggart’s mansion and show you what makes this house so remarkable.

The mansion is an impressive 7,805-square-foot home that was built in 2010. The interior of the house is just as luxurious as the exterior, with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen that features high-end appliances and custom cabinetry. The living area is spacious, with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and custom-designed furniture that complements the overall style of the mansion. The dining room is equally stunning, with a long table that can seat up to 12 guests, perfect for hosting large dinner parties.

Donnie Swaggart Mansion: A Haven of Luxury and Entertainment

One of the most interesting features of Donnie Swaggart’s mansion is the impressive home theater. The theater is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides a cinematic experience that surpasses most movie theaters. The room features plush leather seats, a large screen, and surround sound speakers, making it the perfect space for movie nights with family and friends.

Another noteworthy feature of the mansion is the outdoor space. The backyard is a beautiful oasis that features a spectacular pool, complete with a waterfall, hot tub, and outdoor shower. There is also a covered patio with a built-in grill for outdoor dining and a cozy fire pit for chilly evenings. The outdoor space is perfect for hosting pool parties and barbecues in the warm summer months.

A Haven of Serenity and Comfort

The master suite in Donnie Swaggart’s mansion is a luxurious escape that boasts a spacious bedroom, a private sitting area, and a spa-like bathroom. The bathroom features a large soaking tub, a separate shower, and dual vanities, making it the perfect space for rest and relaxation. The master suite also has a private balcony that overlooks the stunning backyard and provides a peaceful retreat for reading and relaxing.

Where Does Donnie Swaggart Live?

Donnie Swaggart’s luxurious mansion is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The 20-acre property is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood and offers privacy and seclusion for the televangelist and his family. From the brick-and-wood fence to the sprawling outdoor space, this stunning home offers all of the modern amenities necessary for comfortable living while providing a luxurious lifestyle.

Donnie Swaggart’s lavish mansion is truly one-of-a-kind. From the grand interior to the impressive outdoor features, it’s easy to see why this house is such a prized possession. With enough room to host large parties and plenty of extravagances to enjoy, it is no surprise that this house has become the envy of many. For those who can’t take a tour in person, this virtual peek inside Donnie Swaggart’s mansion still offers a glimpse into his lavish abode.


Mansion donnie swaggart house Address: Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Bedrooms: 10

Bathrooms: 2.5

Square Feet:5,452 sqft

Price: $1.5 million

Donnie Swaggart Wife

Donnie Swaggart is marry to Debbie Swaggart, his wife of over four decades. The couple met in 1971 when Donnie was just 21 years old and Debbie was 17. They were marry in 1975 and have four children together: Gabriel, Matthew, Jennifer, and Sarah. Debbie has been an instrumental part of her husband’s ministry since the beginning, helping him with administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and correspondence management. She also travels with him during his evangelistic crusades and speaks at women’s conferences across the country. In addition to her work for the church, she is a published author who writes about topics related to Christian living. Her works include books like “More Than Just a Sunday Wife” and “The Power of a Praying Woman.” Debbie is an integral part of Donnie’s ministry, and her inspirational testimony has been a blessing to many around the world.

Aside from their four children, Donnie and Debbie have seven grandchildren who are all active in the church. As members of the Family Worship Center, they enjoy spending time together during Sunday services and family get-togethers. The couple is also actively involved in evangelism efforts through their traveling ministry. Debbie Swaggart are true examples of Christian devotion, having devoted their lives to spreading the love of God and helping others find answers to life’s toughest questions.

Donnie Swaggart Net worth:

Donnie and Debbie’s net worth is estimate to be $6 million. As the leader of the Family Worship Center church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Donnie has built a large following that provides for his ministry. His success has allowed him and his wife to live comfortably, as they continue their work for God’s kingdom.

As successful as Donnie Swaggart is in the ministry world. He credits all of his accomplishments to Debbie’s support throughout his life. Without her example of unwavering faith and devotion it is likely that. Donnie would not have achieved all that he has today. The couple remains one of the most inspiring Christian couples around, providing an example of true love and commitment.

Donnie and Debbie Swaggart are an example of true faith, commitment, and love. They have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and spreading His message of hope throughout the world. Their ministry has been a blessing to countless people, providing answers to life’s toughest questions while offering comfort and peace. To this day, they remain one of the most inspiring couples in Christianity.


Mansion donnie swaggart house is a stunning example of luxury and opulence. The attention to detail, premium amenities, and stylish decor make this home a true masterpiece. It’s no wonder that Donnie Swaggart cherishes his home and spends much of his time here. We hope that this virtual tour has given you a taste. What it’s like inside this extravagant mansion and has sparked. Your interest in learning more about the luxurious homes of the rich and famous.



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