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Kevin Samuels is a controversial internet personality and life coach known for his YouTube channel and social media presence. He gained popularity by discussing relationships, dating, and self-improvement topics, often providing blunt and sometimes polarising advice. With an estimated Kevin Samuels net worth in the millions, his role as an image consultant and influential YouTuber underscores his financial accomplishments and industry prominence.

History of Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels hails from Oklahoma City. He completed his education at Millwood High School and pursued chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. However, his studies were interrupted when he faced cancer at 21, preventing him from graduating.

In recent years, Kevin Samuels rose to fame by discussing topics related to relationships, dating, and personal development. He became known for his direct and sometimes controversial advice, garring a devoted following and criticism. His approach often involves candid conversations with callers, where he provides insights and opinions on matters such as appearance, career, and relationships.

The Career of Kevin Samuels

Before establishing his image-consulting firm in 2013, Kevin Samuels worked in the marketing industry. Samuels crafted an image as a direct, hypermasculine figure who endorsed traditional gender roles, advocating for male dominance. He gained recognition within mainstream hip-hop culture by interviewing Nicki Minaj and T.I. He also appeared on popular platforms such as No Jumper, Joe Budden TV, and VladTV. In 2022, he appeared on the T.V. series “Atlanta” and featured in rapper Future’s music video “Worst Day.”

Samuels ‘ views often sparked controversy while addressing men’s and women’s relationship dynamics. As an image consultant, he had women rate themselves based on perceived dating market value, critiquing them based on appearance factors. He challenged unrealistic dating standards held by both genders and criticized societal issues within the black community, such as high out-of-wedlock birth rates and low marriage rates. Samuels faced criticism for his approach, labeled by some as misogynoir, but also received support for his emphasis on traditional values.

Kevin Samuels Personal Life

Kevin Samuels experienced two marriages that ended in divorce. He is also a father to a daughter. From his initial marriage, the now-deceased YouTuber had a daughter whose identity remained undisclosed. Despite this, her June 29, 2000, birthdate is public knowledge. Following his divorce from his first wife, he shared custody of their daughter.

Death of Kevin Samuels

On May 5, 2022, Kevin Samuels was unconscious in his Atlanta apartment. A woman who had spent the previous night at his place made a 911 call, reporting that Samuels had complained of chest discomfort and had collapsed. A Georgia medical examiner determined that Kevin Samuels, the YouTube personality, passed away due to hypertension.

At the time of his passing, the office reported three substances in his bloodstream: amiodarone, used to manage irregular heartbeats linked to fast heart rates. Atenolol for hypertension and caffeine. The medical examiner’s office noted that Samuels had high blood pressure medical history.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Samuels accumulated wealth expanded due to his roles as a media consultant, lifestyle coach, and content creator on YouTube. Regrettably, he passed away in May 2022 at 53, reportedly due to a heart attack. Kevin Samuels net worth was considered $4 million at the time of his passing. This means he had a significant amount of money he had earned throughout his life.

Kevin Samuel’s Work

Affion Crockett, an American comedian, featured a regular segment on his YouTube channel where he portrayed a character named Devin R. Samuels. This character was a comedic impression of Kevin Samuels, emulating his mannerisms, phrases, and communication style from his show. This parody by Crockett aimed to recreate the essence of Kevin Samuels’ persona humorously.

Moreover, Bulgarian music producer ORLI ANROW paid tribute to Kevin Samuels by creating a song titled “Young Kevin Samuels.” The accompanying music video showcased ORLI ANROW dressed similarly to Samuels and adopting his expressions. Notably, the song incorporated a sample of Kevin Samuels’ voice, with Samuels receiving credit as a writer for the track. This musical tribute and video served as a creative homage to Kevin Samuels’ distinct presence and impact.

Study of Kevin Samuels

With Honors, Kevin Samuels completed his education at Millwood High School. Following his high school graduation in 1987, he enrolled at the University of Oklahoma and obtained a bachelor’s rank in Chemical Engineering in 1991. Throughout his life, Samuels had a longstanding fascination with fashion and lifestyle, nurturing this interest from a young age.


Kevin Samuels frequently made remarks on men and women, occasionally stirring controversy with his viewpoints. As an image consultant, he engaged with female callers seeking dating advice by prompting them to assess their self-perceived value within the “sexual marketplace” for dating. This approach involved encouraging these callers to self-assess their attractiveness and qualities about the dating scene. This aspect of his approach generated discussions and debates due to its directness and unconventional perspective on personal worth in dating and relationships.

Last week, the news of Kevin Samuels’ passing at 53 evoked varied responses among those acquainted with his channel. Some viewed his widely circulated comments as exhibiting sexism toward women, reinforcing male stereotypes, and exacerbating historical divisions between Black men and women. Conversely, his numerous followers regarded Samuels as a relatable figure who spoke candidly, and they perceived the critical responses to his death as lacking respect. This diversity of opinions highlights Samuels’s complex impact on his audience and the debates surrounding his legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What condition did Kevin Samuels go through?

Kevin was a patient with hypertension, which was also the reason for his sudden death.

Why was Kevin so Famous?

After university, he joined Office Depot as a development manager. At the beginning of 2013, Samuels gained popularity online by creating Vine videos, a no longer existing platform. Subsequently, in 2015, he initiated his journey on YouTube, where he gained recognition for his contentious dating and lifestyle guidance.

Did Kevin have any Property of his Own?

Instead of owning a house, he opted to rent an apartment in Atlanta for a monthly fee of $2,000.


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