Jovi Nicole Engbino: Inspiring Story of a Rising Star


Jovi Nicole Engbino is a Filipino model. She has worked with several well-known brands. She is popular and has many fans around the world. Jovi has made an impact on millions in a positive way. She left an inedible mark on both fans and critics. She stands out a lot, even though there are many other entertainers.  Other than being a model, she also works as a fitness influencer and is also a nurse. She has 69.9K followers on Instagram. Jovi Nicole Engbino has achieved remarkable success in her music career, captivating audiences with her extraordinary talent and heartfelt performances.


Jovi Nicole was born in Hawaiin, Filipino, on 14 January 1988 to a mixed-ethnicity family. From a young age, it was obvious that Jovi had an innate love for music and performing arts. Her immense love for singing and dancing was by her supportive family, who found her extraordinary talent and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She was determined to do singing, so she started taking lessons.

She has a beautiful voice and an amazing stage performance. Soon producers and music lovers started recognizing her voice. Her youtube channel became a platform for her to upload songs and for people to recognize her even more. She studied at Arizona University in 2007, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Information Description
Name Jovi Nicole Engbino
Profession Model
Spouse Manti Te’o (former footballer)
Children 2
Age 35 years old
Birthdate 14 January 1988
Birthplace Hawaiin, Filipino
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Zodiac Capricorn


Jovi nicole engbino age, birthdate, birthplace, profession, zodiac sign, spouse, children, and height are mentioned above in the table. Jovi nicole engbino ethnicity is not confirmed to this date because she is not very social about her private life, history, or children. This is why very limited information related to her is available online. However, some resources say that she has Hawaiian and Japanese ethnicity. Also, jovi nicole engbino nationality is not confirmed; however, some sources tell that her nationality is American.

Singing competition

Everyone has a turning point that opens many ways for them. The turning point in Jovi Nicole Engbino’s career was when she got into a renowned singing competition. Her musical performances earned her recognition from the judges and extreme love from the audience. The exposure from the competition brought her into the spotlight, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations with established artists.

Despite the rapid recognition, she had her share of challenges as well. She went through many difficult times in her life due to the competitive nature of the industry. However, that did not stop her from going on. She didn’t feel discouraged or give up. She learned from her experiences and accepted every setback as an opportunity to grow. Her love and passion for music and her career motivated her to continue. When she didn’t give up, it even encouraged her fans to keep supporting and loving her.


Besides being a fitness trainer, a beauty consultant, a model, and a nurse, she is also known as Manti Te’o’s wife. As people discovered that her husband was a former American football player, she was recognized more. Manti used to play football in college at Notre Dame, where he received eight national awards. They had a baby girl in August 2021, who they named Hiromi Te’o. They recently had a son on 16 January, named Kyro Aumua Te’o.

Interesting facts about Jovi Nicole Engbino:

Here are some interesting facts about Jovi Nicole Engbino:

  • Jovi Nicole Engbino is an american instagram model, fitness trainer, and beauty consultant.
  • In 2022, She passed her nursing degree and completed graduation after her son’s birth.
  • In 2014, she got arrested and spent 14 months in custody due to drug possession.
  • She is a fitness trainer in San Diego, California, at Point Loma Sports Club.
  • Since 2016, she has been in a relationship with Manti Te’o and married in 2020.
  • At La Jolla Beach in California, Jovi Nicole Engbino’s wedding was held, but due to the COVID pandemic, they could not get their dream wedding or call their loved ones to their wedding.
  • Jovi Nicole Engbino shared with her fans on instagram and Twitter that she is crazy about keeping fit and doing workouts. She spends most of her time in gyms and working out at home.

Impact on fans

Artists are a huge inspiration to their fans. Fans look up to their favorite artists and take up their steps. So, it is very important to be a positive impact on your fans when you are a public figure. Jovi didn’t stay behind on this, either. She is a huge motivation to many people in many different ways. She is a fitness trainer who helps her fans get fit and work out more.People get motivated after looking at her and would want to become like her. Also, she is a beauty consultant, which motivates her fans to care for themselves.

People are encouraged to give their singing a chance after listening to her songs. She is good in many fields, so many people adore her. She positively impacts her fans and the rest of society. Music goes beyond mere entertainment; it touches the hearts of her listeners and provides solace during challenging times. Fans often express their gratitude for her music, which has become a source of inspiration and empowerment for many.

Net Worth

Jovi has earned a lot through her modeling career and because she is a fitness influencer on instagram. Her social media platforms have also added a lot to her wealth. Jovi Nicole Engbino’s net worth is around 500k dollars.

Achievements of Jovi Nicole Engbino

Some of her notable achievements include:

  1. Rising Star: Jovi gained widespread recognition as a rising star in the music industry, drawing attention to her soulful voice and passionate music.
  2. Online Sensation: Through her captivating covers and original songs shared on social media, Jovi garnered a substantial following, becoming a celebrated online sensation.
  3. Collaborations: Jovi had the privilege of collaborating with established artists, further cementing her place in the music world.
  4. Fan Base: With a dedicated fan base, Jovi’s music has touched the hearts of millions, inspiring and uplifting listeners worldwide.
  5. Industry Recognition: Her unique artistry and contributions to the music industry have earned her admiration and respect from peers and critics alike.
  6. Empowering Lyrics: Jovi’s heartfelt lyrics resonate with listeners, empowering them and encouraging a strong emotional connection with her music.

Jovi Nicole Engbino’s achievements reflect her passion, dedication, and the deep impact of her music on the lives of those who listen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jovi Nicole

When was Jovi Nicole Engbino arrested?

She has been arrested in Arizona at least three times. Jovi’s photograph also circulated in 2009 in a ‘most wanted’ ad. Most recently, she was arrested in 2014. She was arrested for various charges.

Why was Jovi Nicole arrested?

She has been arrested for different reasons. One is felony theft, when someone takes someone else’s property, money, or item worth at least $1000. When she was arrested in 2014, she was accused of drug possession. For this crime, she spent 14 months in custody. After being released, she changed her career path.

Did Jovi Nicole attend a nursing Course?

She did attend a nursing course. She started this course in May 2021. This course sped up when her family moved from San Diego to Utah. She used to fulfill her living by this.

What is her family background history?

She was born in Hawaii, Filipino, as mentioned above. Her parents are Japanese. She also has a younger brother.

Is she currently for any makeup brand?

She is a cosmetic injector, besides the salt lake city LUXX medical spa and wellness.


Jovi Nicole Engbino is an American exercise trainer, an instagram model, and a beauty consultant. She did a nurse’s degree and business administration too. She is a proud mother of two children, Hiromi Nawai Te’o and Kyro Aumua Te’o.In 2020, she married Manti te’o, a football player worth $3.5 million. Manti Te’o’s life is unique, full of successes and difficulties.

In a world where creativity can promote change, Jovi Nicole Engbino’s journey is a witness to the power of art and storytelling. Her determined responsibility to social causes and the significant connections she has developed through her work make her a light of inspiration for desiring artists and supporters alike. As her impact grows, one thing remains confident – Jovi Nicole Engbino’s creative gift will continue to touch hearts and change lives for future generations.


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