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Jessica Darrow, born on January 7, 1995, is a well-known Cuban-USA artist, media, model, entrepreneur, actress, and influencer. However, the audience knows her as a career comment artist. She gave sound to many famous lively roles in films and video supports. Therefore, this Darrow is too a smart performer & TV character. On her IMD page, Jessica has already appeared in TV series like the Banquet of the 7 fishes, followed by stone other. At the same time, she is a popular singer, and Darrow rose to celebrity after lending her sound to the enthusiastic. In the Disney film Encanto, she also sang Superficial sing in this enthusiastic film. In addition, which became exceedingly famous among children. In this article, we discuss a few interesting aspects of her life.

The early life of Jessica Darrow

Luisa Encanto Jessica Darrow is a well-known actress & voiceover master. However, Darrow was born in Miami, America, so Jessica celebrated her 27 birthdays with her family element this year. To the element, she starts to develop an interest in voiceover characters. Therefore, Jessica attends Gross school & completes her essential education. She graduates from university with BFA in the performer. After that, Jessica joins the famous Shakespeare’s world theater in London for 5 months. After completing her training, Darrow started work in the recreation company to learn about theater drama plays. In addition, her voiceover design includes Mimi from Theft Luisa from each other. During the equal period, she was too a performer and often sang in films & TV shows. The eminence also runs her own YouTube channel and uploads her music and vlog videos.

  • Real Name: Jessica Taylor Darrow
  • Alias: Jessica Darrow, Jess
  • Famous: voice to the animated character
  • Profession: Voiceover Artist, Model, Businesswomen, Singer,
  • Date of Birth:  March 7, 1995
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Sexuality: Female
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Miami, Florida, the United States
  • Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York City, America
  • Nationality: Cuban American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Net Worth: $1-2 million
  • Education Qualification: Graduate
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Zodiac sign: Capricon
  • Parents: Mark Darrow, Mrs. Sonia Darrow
  • Siblings:                        Kristina Darrow
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

 Height & Weight

Luisa Encanto, Actress age is 27 years old as of years 2022. However, Jessica stands 5 feet 5-inch-tall weighs almost 50 kg, and she has brown hair & brown eyes. She belongs to the Cuban-United States domestic, and her zodiac mark is Capricorn.

Darrow Education

Jessica Darrow Ethnicity was sent to Gross school to the genesis in fundamental school. However, after that, she enrolled at Shoplifter university to earn her postgraduate degree. Moreover, she graduates from rutgers university with a BFA in the performer. Further, she too works at Shakespeare world theatre in London for 5 months; she learns about theatre plays from her masters.

 Personal Life

Jessica Darrow Musician is report now single to social media information. However, there are no details accountable for she’s a sentimental partner. Her fans are eager to discover more about her comrade. Therefore, she likes to spend a period with her pal, ‘s judge by her Instagram account. Jessica enjoys share her voiceover endeavor with her fans on her Instagram feedback. In addition, United States performer Victoria is near the companion of Jessica.

Professional Career

Luisa Encanto Jessica Darrow prioritizes her voiceover occupation during her superior school year. However, her affection for sound contributes considerably to her professional success. First, in her professional Jessica, even though she performs in numerous location productions. Her enormous effort & drive eventually became a prosperous sound artist. Therefore, Jessica voices the role and sings surface in the movie Encanto. Darrow has appeared as a performer in numerous TV programs, including famous TV programs.

  • Disney TV Discovers: Talent Showcase
  • Fest of the 7 Fishes
  • Encanto
  • Follow Hannah Stone
  • The Latin Babbler Show

Furthermore, she likes & musical sound that captivates each other. In addition, she sis a trained songster with a YouTube page. That posts videos of herself sing. she305 is her YouTube channel name.

Net Worth

Unnecessary to say Jessica Darrow’s Ethnicity makes a nice income. Even though her sound over professional and her profession as a performer. However, her net worth is almost $1-2 million, and Jessica earns a lot from her sing new projects & brand approval. This is due to her tough work and commitment, which Jessica can generate her classic. As a Fu triumphant sound over performer, even though it can cause her personality as a sound prosperity artist. In addition, she is yet relatively youthful, and Jessica is worth to amass a vast income.

Who are Darrow’s Family Members?

The eminence once shared in a consultation that Luisa Encanto, actress, was born & bought up in a junction family. However, later, her media posts could understand that she is the youthful kid of her parents. Therefore, her dad Mark works as a businessman, and her mom Sonia Darrow is too. On her Instagram account, she has a senior sister named Kristina Darrow. In addition, if you follow her IG account, you’ll know that the personality loves to hang out with her companion & family she backs house.

Is Jessica Dating Someone?

Many of you firmly have this interrogate your brain as to whether she is dating someone. However, you’re right in the well-location to complete that information in this segment. So, let’s find out about the social media element; she’s currently an anole as of 2022. Therefore, the superstar has not shared some information on the people’s location regard her likely life. Her followers are too eager to know if their likely personality is dating someone. In addition, after looking at her IG account, Jessica is now an anole & loves to spend a period with her companion. In addition, she’s a near companion of United State performer Victoria.

How does Jessica Look?

Notabilities are always lovely to stay in shape & see sexy & risk in whatever they fatigue. However, they fan rigorous diets & workout customary. Most of them to spend hours in the gymamphi to shed those supplementary calories. Therefore, certainly, you are very curious to know about her bodily dimensions. Jessica has a height of almost 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm, and she weighs nearly 50kg and 110Ibs. In addition, her hair is brown, and Darrow has mesmerized brown eyes.

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What are The Films That she was part of?

As per the social media element Jessica, Darrow Ethnicity, start her professional as a sound-over artist. However, Jessica, too, took the piece in terms of theatre TV shows. So, originally Jessica fame even though she sounds in terms professional. The personality once share in that her early sound-over new project was Grand auto V video support. Jessica has lent her sound to Mimi after Darrow gave her sound to terms animate role. Therefore, she, too, gave her sound to the personality Disney film Jessica’s role Luisa Madrigal. Her followers love her fantastic performances as Taylor in the Mini TV shows. Follow stone too saw her in a feast of the 7 fishes, and she is a brilliant singer who sang the famous song pressure in Luisa.

She’s Performance as Luisa in Encanto

In the movie Encanto, Jessica Darrow, Musician, rose to fame to voice Madrigal’s character. However, she’s a 2021 Disney movie, and Luisa is the 2nd oldest sister of Madrigal. Following the personality, Mirabel is a compassionate heroine who lacks material. Therefore, she has a preternatural muscular with the longest biceps in the globe’s story. She is answerable for complete obligations & issues and is the 60-movie natural producer by Walt Animation studios. She & Byron Howard are the movie’s directors, and Yvett Clark is the equal producer. In addition, on November 3, 2021, the movie premiere at the EI theater in Angeles. It was released in America, and the film grossed $180 million. The movie’s classical personality and its relevant sound actors.

  • Abuela Alma Madrigal: Maria
  • Agustin Madrigal:  Wilmer Valderrama
  • Mirabel Madrigal: Stephanie Beatriz
  • Julieta Madrigal: Angie Cepeda
  • Felix Madrigal: Mauro Castillo
  • Bruno Madrigal: John Leguizamo
  • Pepa Madrigal: Carolina Gaitan
  • Isabela Madrigal: Diane Guerrero

Some characters & sound actors need their sound for the previous list role.


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