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Jess Bush is an Australian performer who has star Trek New Globe. She has 2-chapter and house Away and makes her screen introduction as a contestant on the 7th season of Australia’s highest Model. However, Jess starts her career acting professionally and return in 2017. She was born on 26, 1992, hails from Australia, and her age of 30 years. Check under for more technicalities about Bush. Therefore, upon the information, this next page will complete lesser facts about.


Jess Bush Partner is a well-known Australian artist, painter, actress, Model, and voice. Bush start her travel in the enjoyment company in 2011 from the biggest Model. However, in 2022 her performer professional took an enormous leap, later appear as Nurse Chapel in Trek. New World came out on May 5, and this Tv show allows one to work with talented actors like Mount, Romijn, Ethan, Chong, Anson, Rebecca, Peck etc. Therefore, her entertaining career started when she was involved in the best Model. This Australian Model’s professional period line comprises a few hit performances like Halifax Secret. Retribution less in this topic manage to start a few facts regards known to keep it.

Childhood, Family, & Education:

Jess Bush model keeps her family outside the spotlight, and it isn’t possible to find out the name of her progenitor. However, but became too well-known that Bush has an elder brother named Kyle Bush, who currently lives in Australia. Therefore, she was interested in painting from a young age and took fantastic traditional to learn dissimilar sketch styles. After education, when she was 19, somebody Bush tried luck in a model company. Jess took that recommendation seriously & participate in the next highest Model. After season 7 felt she was strong have fortunate in the performer industry. Jess took a few essential classes, and she enroll at NIDA to discover screen performance. In addition, she also did a main course in Television present Intense from a renowned establishment name Duff.


In 2015 Jess Bush Star Trek establish contact with a smart administration industry name CBM administration. However, she is an American industry called rule amusement La. With the help of appear agents for more auditions, but to face repudiation. Therefore, last in 2016, Bush got a sign to play their character of her in the show name Away & Home. Bush appears in 2 episodes, but it was a fantastic start for her professional. The equal year she plays each other junior character in the Television series Daughter. Everything was not gone better for this Australian charming. She wasn’t gotten to discharge from any considerable role.

After performing in 2 more manufacturers, namely Norton & Skinford. She last got an important character in a TV series and name play for keeps. Her character in this Maier’s TV show was Pereira, and Bush got a job with models like Annie, Olympia, Isabella, Maynard, and Madeleine Giovinazzo. In addition, her struggles & perseverance got her far help her get one chance to play a character in a famous Trek star franchise. Her professional isn’t limited to the performer company, and Jess has a site by her name. Bush sells art parts, sculptures, paintings, & each other jewellery kinds of lockets.

Personal Life & Boyfriend:

Jess Bush, actress, is a fun likely female, & during the shoot of Trek and Strange New Worlds. However, Bush develops an incredible bond with the TV screen, Ethan, and Spock. But a few audiences misconstrue their companion & think of them as a false link. Therefore, as far as we’ve search, she isn’t dating Ethan Peck, and it’s too real. That there is an enigmatic guy who thinks her lover. The group tried to research many about that mysterious man but found out regard him. In addition, we think it’s safe to trust that the performer is an ankle and keep her personal life a secret.

How Old Is Jess Bush?

Australian star actress Jess Bush is 30 years old and well-known by the famous name Jessica Bush. However, she was competent in the next Model in 2011. She takes there a complete 8 events in that actual TV show. Therefore, at the age of 20, Star in many 7 TV series, as stated on IMDB, include play. Les each other to the final event, 4 of Star has already out, and the next event, 5, is almost coming in June. In addition, the audience praises her outstandar performance in that TV show.

 Strange 2 Worlds:

Jess Bush, Australia’s next top Model, is one of the most well-known actresses in debut in 2017. However, with the Television series Away & Home, she and Kearney. Early in the begin of her professional, Jess was too a competitor in the 7th season of Australia’s Model, follow by the famous Birthday. Therefore, to that Jess Bush too did the character of a nurse in the TV series Chape. It’s a TV series based on pro-sci-fiction, & the main action has a star rate of 8.1 IMDB.

She Was on Reality Television:

Her highest claim to famous when Jessie Bush was younger was her propel to become a model sensation. However, Bush was so brilliant that Bush land a game on Tyra’s top covet TV show. In addition, she was America’s Top Actress in an Australian publication and was on the TV season 7 series.

Jess Bush is Young:

Jess Bush Australia’s next top Model is a youthful lady born in the first 1990s. However, Bush was to be born so after in the decennium, and Jess could not be funny. A common kid without computers & the internet in her miniature.

She is Australian:

Jess Bush, star trek, was born & raise in Australia; she had to turn to Toronto in less. However, taking her modern character in the Trek TV series took a month. It was a period of her life that Bush knew to seize and make happen without regret.

Bush is Honored:

Jess Bush, model Nurse Christine, & Bush was never nervous about take on the character. However, instead Bush felt privilege that Jess got to piece of everything. So, momentous was thrilled during this biggest period in her life. Jess Bush does not encounter more negative pressurize and feels unhappy either.

She Already Has Fans:

Jess Bush, the actress, comprehends that a considerable period already Trekkies. However, the people are vast followers of Trek themselves reach out. To tell her a well-known job Bush is doing in this character. Bush has been instrumental in the access to the newest TV show. It has few things Bush has reality enjoy, and the followers reach to excellent work take on iconic character a vast deal for her.

Jess’s an Artist:

The people here are performers, a term of art itself well, and Jess Bush’s partner is too an artise, visual, a literal artist. However, she generates artwork, and Bush wants her followers to know that work isn’t meant to prescribe. Therefore, they should rather give one chance to look at anything, and they would each otherwise spark sentiment.

Jess’s Net Worth:

A superstar actress Jess Bush complete net worth is estimate at $700 thousand as per Celebs. However, her main salary source is from her career acting & she too gets a fantastic 14 from her management industry for approval. In addition, she is accessible on Instagram with the name Onejessa. Bush posts her fantastic moments image on her profile among her 13.2k fans.

Hobbies and Interests:

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Charity and Philanthropic Work:

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Social Media Presence & Fan:

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