How GovDeals Can Help You Sell Surplus Assets


If you’re a government, educational, or related entity with surplus assets to sell, then GovDeals is the perfect solution for you. GovDeals’ online marketplace provides a safe and secure platform for the sale of surplus assets to the public. With their easy-to-use interface, competitive pricing structure, and comprehensive customer service support, it’s no wonder why thousands of organizations choose GovDeals as their go-to marketplace for selling surplus assets.

What Does GovDeals Offer?

GovDeals offers an extensive selection of services tailored specifically to government and educational entities looking to sell their surplus assets. From helping buyers find what they’re looking for in an easy-to-use format to providing real-time notifications when new items are post, GovDeals helps you get maximum value from your assets while ensuring that buyers get the best prices possible. Plus, with their flexible payment options and secure transaction processing, you can be sure that your transactions are safe and your payments are secure.

In addition to all these services, GovDeals also provides detailed analytics so that you can track trends in the market and better understand how much each asset is worth. This allows you to make more informed decisions about pricing your items for maximum profitability.

How Does It Work?

With GovDeals there is no need for any prior experience or technical knowledge—it’s an easy process from start to finish! With just a few simple steps you can register on their website, list your items for sale, accept bids from buyers around the world, receive payment securely—all without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office! And because they provide detailed analytics on all sales transactions—including item description and buyer information—you can rest assure knowing that everything is track accurately and securely.

What is GovDeals?

GovDeals is an online auction platform design specifically for government entities to buy and sell surplus, seized, and confiscated property at auction. It’s an ideal solution for any public organization needing to maximize the return on their excess inventory while also protecting taxpayer dollars. With more than 3 million registered buyers in over 150 countries around the world, GovDeals provides a unique opportunity to access a large pool of potential buyers in one convenient virtual location.

Through auctions held by local governments as well as state-level departments like police and fire services, GovDeals allows bidders from all levels of government to benefit from huge savings (up to 95%) off retail prices. From cars and trucks in law enforcement fleets to real estate properties with clear title deed ownership, customers can find almost anything they need through this service. All funds are guarantee by the seller before payment is made by the buyer so participants can be sure that their bidding will be secure and successful.

How does GovDeals work?

GovDeals is an online auction platform that helps public and private entities sell surplus items. It works by enabling buyers to purchase items through a competitive bidding process. By using GovDeals, sellers can quickly list their unwanted assets for sale, reaching buyers from all over the globe.

When registering with GovDeals, there are two different types of accounts – Buyers and Sellers. As a Seller on GovDeals, you have access to a multitude of features such as creating auctions, managing bids place on your products, shipping sales directly to buyers after payment has been made. To make sure everything runs smoothly during the selling process it’s important to set up your seller account properly when first signing up with GovDeals.

For those interested in becoming sellers on the platform they must register with their Verified Business Information including business name & address; tax ID or resale certificate number; contact information including phone & email address; payment details & credit card info etc., then submit this information along with the signup form which is available on the “Seller” page at . After submit the registration form you will  sent an e-mail containing links for active your seller profile. Once done you can log into your seller dashboard using your user name (email address) and password provided in order to start listing items for sale right away!

What type of equipment is available on GovDeals?

GovDeals is an online auction platform design to provide a convenient and efficient way for government agencies and organizations to buy and sell surplus goods. Through the GovDeals website, you can find hundreds of different types of equipment from police cars, fire trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery and heavy equipment.

The items available on GovDeals are fully inspect by experts before they are post on the site so buyers can be sure they’re getting quality products. Every item listed has detailed photos along with information about its condition as well as videos showing any necessary maintenance procedures. Additionally, most purchases include a 30-day warranty policy offering peace of mind that buyers are making an investment in reliable equipment.

GovDeals offers both live auctions as well as Buy it Now options providing buyers with plenty of ways to purchase the right piece of equipment quickly and easily at competitive prices. For example, those interested in purchasing trucks or other large pieces of machinery may prefer the live auctions where bidders compete online against one another for a limited amount time until one bidder wins with the highest amount offered for that particular item. On the other hand, if you know exact what type of product you like to buy then Buy it Now is likely your best bid since these listings have predetermine prices which don’t require participants to wait around during auctions hoping their bid will be accept first.

No matter what type of item you’re looking for—from computers and furniture to farm tractors or bulldozers—GovDeals provides a secure environment where buyers get access not only great deals but also comprehensive support whenever needed.

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How do I bid on an item on GovDeals?

Bidding on an item on GovDeals is relatively straightforward, but it’s important to be aware of the steps you need to take and some caveats before jumping in. To get start on GovDeals, you must first register for an account with your name, address, and email address. Once register, you can search or browse through their auction listings by select the specific category you are interested in bidding on.

When viewing a particular listing, review all of the details carefully as these will serve as the basis of your bid. Also take a moment to read through any reviews listed for that item — both good and bad — as it’s important to have realistic expectations about what you may be buying.

Once ready to place your bid, enter the maximum amount that you are willing pay for that item into the “Maximum Bid” box locate at top-right corner of page — this is called proxy bidding which allows GovDeals to automatically increase your offer accordingly should someone else outbid your initial offer up until it reaches or exceeds your set maximum limit. You can always adjust (increase/decrease) this amount later if needed so don’t worry too much about getting it right right away.

Finally click “Place Max Bid” after double-checking everything one last time as all bids placed on GovDeals are binding contracts between yourself and seller; they cannot subsequently be revers or changed once submitted! Make sure accept these terms prior submitting payment information & checkout completing purchase process if winning bid has been determined when auction ends work is done!

How do I pay for an item on GovDeals?

Purchasing an item from a GovDeals auction is a straightforward process. In order to pay for an item, you will need to be pre-approve for the auction and have the necessary funds ready. After being approve, visit the official GovDeals website and log in with your account credentials. From there, you’ll browse available auctions by their location or type of product. If you find an item that interests you, place a bid on it according to the rules outlined in the auction’s terms and conditions.

Once your bid has been accept as part of the winning bid package, you will be notify via e-mail or telephone call (depending on what contact information was use when registering). You’ll then receive instructions on how to proceed with payment within 72 hours of notification; this may involve send a wire transfer or other accepted methods of payment specify by GovDeals  Once payment is received and confirm by GovDeals, your order will be process and ship out accordingly—with tracking numbers sent when applicable.

What is the buyer’s premium on GovDeals?

The buyer’s premium on GovDeals is an additional fee apply to each item purchase by the winning bidder. This premium, a percentage-base charge, is add to the final bid price and will show up as part of your total cost in your purchase summary. The buyer’s premium rate depends on the state you are bidding from and can range between 0 – 5%. For example, if a winning bid was $100 and the buyer premium was 3%, then you would be charge a total of $103 . It’s important to keep this in mind when placing bids so as not to overbid!

How do I contact GovDeals customer service?

GovDeals provides an easy way to reach its customer service. The primary method is through online support form, which can be found by accessing their “Help Desk”. This can allow customers to submit a detailed request and receive immediate responses.

GovDeals also offers on-site telephone help 24/7 at 888-225-5928. Clients with complex issues may choose to have a representative connect with them directly via Live Chat. Response times are generally within one business day they guarantee that all inquiries will be answer in an expeditious manner.

GovDeals has partnered with several social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. To facilitate quicker responses for those who prefer using these channels rather than the standard methods of contact. While response times may not be as quick as traditional methods. It offer customers the convenience of being able to address any issues quickly and easily from anywhere around the world.


Whether you’re selling one item or hundreds of items at once—GovDeals makes it easy! With their intuitive platform and comprehensive customer service support team available 24/7. You can trust them with even your most valuable assets. So don’t wait any longer—start listing your surplus assets today on GovDeals’ online marketplace! With their competitive pricing structure, secure transaction processing system, and detailed analytics. You won’t find a better way to maximize profit from selling surplus assets than with Govdeals!


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