High Functioning Anxiety: Causes, Treatment, and Symptoms


Everyone senses particle anxiety occasionally. Worrying or Anticipating around this outcome from a specific situation comes to a native feeling. However, if such feelings stay among us for a long time and affect your life, this could mean we must have a high-functioning anxiety disorder. Several people must have ongoing anxiety unless it negatively affects their day-to-day working – this comes to known as high performing anxiety. Psychological health professionals don’t at present recognize signs of high functioning anxiety while a formal anxiety disorder. However, the Statistical and Diagnostic Manual from Mental Disorders guide states such anxiety needs to impair or disrupt life efforts to qualify while a disorder. Such doesn’t mean such high-functioning is exactly mild since from anxiety.

About the high functioning anxiety

Doctors don’t recognize anxiety highly as a clear anxiety condition, and also there comes to a separate lack from research within this area. Nevertheless, several people with anxiety symptoms detail himself as existence great functioning. For this, they usually mean they handle to function well in their daily lives. However, this medical community recognizes such anxiety disorders survive upon the affect and spectrum of people in various ways. While few people be able to experience temper or serious symptoms, different may know mild impairment or distress. It comes to possible such individuals who think of themselves while high functioning endures soft impairment. Either they be able to have sub-clinical anxiety. A position where the public doesn’t meet this diagnostic standard in favor of anxiety yet still must provide anxiety indication. Subclinical distress symptoms possibly.

  • Mild
  • Brief but recurrent
  • Hidden
  • Atypical

How does it link on depression?

There is a potential connection between top function and depression. The domestic Alliance for Indicates Illness that 60% of the audience with apprehension. However, the audience doesn’t seek medication for anxiety & better stress. They increase the dangers of melancholy. Just 36.9% of those with a disorder obtain treatment. Therefore, the audience with great function and anxiety less lovely each other to treatment. That indicates the public often just patient help. They struggle with their symptoms that high hospital often supervises very right in a few areas of their lives.

Similarly, people may help patients when they acknowledge the symptoms’ Source. As it is an issue with high anxiety, view a few symptoms. Some seek help to progress & and accomplish perfectionism traits. In addition, chronic nervousness may unfavorably impact self-admiration & mental care in each other, contributing to unhappiness.

Causes of high functioning anxiety

Due to this lack of research within this region, medical professionals may neither recognize what causes anxiety high. Nevertheless, it can be a single way such anxiety disorders submit in different people. While masters don’t fully realize the causes from anxiety disorders, it most possibly occurs in view of a mixture of Trusted Sources from factors like:


People among a lineage history from anxiety disorders either various psychological health situations are further likely from others to evolve anxiety.


Babyhood traits since nervousness or shyness in modern situations, for instance, increase this risk from having a disorder.

Revelation to stress:

Suffering trauma or stress at some point be able to trigger anxiety.

Different health problems:

Underlying material health concerns, for instance, a thyroid muddle, either heart issues can worsen or trigger anxiety evidence. Having additional psychological health disorders comes to additionally a chance factor in favor of high anxiety levels.

Alcohol or Drug use:

Misuse of alcohol or drugs may trigger anxiety while removal since these substances.

Diagnosis of high functioning anxiety

Doctors cannot distinguish high operation anxiety. It’s not an established disorder. However, it may be the next level on the compass of more anxiety. One path that a recognized apprehension disorder and a common anxiety and social disorder. Therefore, such general anxiety doctors may early discharge check out to look. If the underly medical requirement is cause symptoms, the Doctor finds an underly cause. The man may require looking mental health care career for examination & treatment.

Similarly, doctors challenge to anxiety the audience with high function. Follow the United States Psychiatric Connections and statistical mental DSM-5. In addition, one of the standards for an anxiety disturbance interpretation is distress and handicap in essential areas of function.

Symptoms of Functioning Anxiety

Since it is neither an official diagnosis, research on high functioning anxiety symptoms and how it influences people is limited. However, people among functioning anxiety can present less evident symptoms and signs, and several experts say these symptoms and signs often closely align among those from a general anxiety disorder.

Symptoms related among GAD include

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Sleep problems
  • Muscle tension
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability

When it comes to high operational nervousness, a few of these symptoms are apparent. However, each other to Doctor Hamdani says she is more lovely to notice. From seeking information, persistent feelings of start on edge, tension, muscle, and headache form squeeze together of the Jaw irritability. Seek people will say they’ve got a tough period, fall asleep and stay asleep, or only restful sleep Hamdani. Therefore, a common with high operational anxiety and who are actually busy could also snappy.

Anxiety has a positive personality and negative together, and a few features appear. Such a great too worth handle regular tasks right, and it isn’t to ignore. The outside struggle the man may experience those very reasonable seek help tolerate apprehension in silence. That positive personality can mask the unfavorable and harder to treat, says doctor Hamdani. In addition, it also makes each other look like you are doing right there something erroneous.

Depression and Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety & depressive disturbance have an entire connection and can coexist. However, in the Sequence Therapy Replacement for depression, study 53% seek people with the biggest sadness. STAR study significant operational & consider to anxious unhappy. Therefore, high functional anxiety becomes an issue, and when anxiety bleeds into unhappiness. Hamdani that most of the seek people will begin to help problem get out of bed tough.

Similarly, sleep loss attracts enjoying the thought of life’s worth. The 2 conditions can go each other hand as high operation anxiety can lead to depression. But unhappiness can also lead to high lead functions and anxiety looking at their feet, another treats consequently. According to Doctor Hamdani, your scene could suffer from unhappiness reach out. In addition, your Doctor has several efficacious medications that can need relief.

Treatments to high functioning anxiety

High anxiety could be treated this equal way, and such different anxiety disorders exist, involving therapy, instruction, medications, or a combination from the 2. Talk therapy could be a powerful way in favor of several people to handle symptoms. However, talking to a counselor or therapist can assist us in understanding your teaching and anxiety techniques to improve and manage your evidence. Cognitive conduct therapy is a usual since from psychological treatment utilized to modify thinking patterns among this goal from better sympathy one’s recognizing and behavior one’s aberration. “For patients among high-functioning, therapy also abilities like mental, behavioral therapy could be extremely helpful,” says Doctor. Hamdani. Instruction medications such as anxiety treatment disorders are additionally included, and available stimulants, Other medications similar to benzodiazepines, beta-blockers, and buspirone can additionally be utilized to handle anxiety.

A type of anxiety disorder that may not meet the criteria

High functioning anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder that may not meet the criteria for a formal diagnosis but still impairs an individual’s daily functioning. These individuals may appear to be functioning well on the surface, but they struggle with excessive worry, nervousness, and stress affecting their daily lives. They may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and muscle tension. On the other hand, they may also have difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and making decisions. High functioning anxiety can also manifest in compulsive behaviors such as overworking, perfectionism, and control issues. It’s important to note that even though the individuals may seem to be functioning well, this type of anxiety can still significantly impact their quality of life and should be addressed with therapy or medication.

Connection between high functioning anxiety and depression

There may be a connection between high functioning anxiety and depression. Individuals with high functioning anxiety often struggle with excessive worry and nervousness that affects their daily life, and this can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. This, in turn, can lead to the development of depression. Moreover, people with high-functioning anxiety may have a tendency to bottle up their feelings, leading to a suppression of emotions that can cause depression. However, the constant state of anxiety and stress can also have a negative impact on an individual’s physical and mental health, leading to a decrease in overall well-being, which can also contribute to depression. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize that individuals with high functioning anxiety may be at a higher risk of developing depression and should be screened for it.

Final Thought

Talk therapy comes to a highly effective means of managing this symptom from functioning anxiety. On the other hand, when we speak on a therapist or counselor trained in such a field, they may better assist us to realize your anxiety and provide us with the tools to handle your symptoms. Single from this most usual and effective shape from psychological treatment comes to called mental, behavioral therapy. Prescription medications utilized to treat disorders involve antidepressants and benzodiazepines. The greatest common antidepressants involve particular serotonin inhibitors reuptake.


What is high functioning anxiety?

Functioning anxiety comes to a kind from anxiety disorder described by excessive worry. Stress doesn’t obstruct an individual’s skill to function in everyday life. People with high-functioning anxiety can appear victorious and capable upon this outside, yet internally they could struggle among nervousness, constant worry, and a sense of dread.

How to treat high functioning anxiety?

Functioning anxiety could be treated using a combination of medication and therapy. Therapy, same to mental, behavioral therapy or speak to therapy, can assist individuals in realizing and handling their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors associated with anxiety.



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