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DD Osama, whose real name is David DeShaun Reyes, was born on November 29, 2006. He has gained recognition as an American rapper hailing from New York. With his base in the bustling city, DD Osama has made a name for himself in the music industry, showcasing his talents through his unique style and lyrical prowess. Hailing from Harlem, DD Osama has made an indelible mark on the music scene with his captivating rap skills. However, his influence extends beyond music, as he has become a prominent figure on social media.

Family Life of DD Osama

DD Osama’s musical journey included collaborations with his late brother, Ethan Reyes, professionally known as Notti Osama. Tragically, Ethan’s life was cut short in July 2022. DD Osama’s creative endeavors also extended to his other brothers, JayKlickin and JStar Balla, and his sister Melz, showcasing their family’s strong artistic bond. Beyond the realm of music, DD Osama’s personal life garnered attention due to his romantic association with Alabama Barker. This connection added a layer of intrigue to his public role, as his relationships became a topic of interest alongside his musical pursuits.

Personal Life of DD Osama

Born in Harlem, New York, David Reyes, professionally known as DD Osama, comes from a family of five siblings. He is the second youngest among them, with his brothers JStar Balla, JayKlickin, the late Notti Osama, and his sister Melz. According to an interview with Ethan, David’s brother, the duo ventured into the realm of rap back in 2018. However, tragedy struck on July 9, 2022, when Ethan Reyes was stabbed during a confrontation at the 137th Street City College Station. This heartbreaking event caused David Reyes to contemplate quitting music. Despite this setback, he has persevered and continues to create music today, showcasing his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

The Career of DD Osama

Tragedy struck in July 2022 when Notti Osama, David’s 14-year-old brother, lost his life due to a stabbing incident following an altercation. This unfortunate event caused their song “Dead Opps” to surge in popularity, and it inspired the creation of the track “E4N,” symbolizing “Everything 4 Notti.” DD Osama’s artistic collaborations expanded, including partnerships with rappers like SugarHill DDot, Lil Zay Osama from Chicago, and Rylo Rodriguez, an artist associated with Lil Baby. Continuing his momentum, DD Osama released the single “Throw” alongside fellow New York rapper Lil Mabu, accompanied by a music video in December 2022.

In February 2023, a collaboration with rapper Coi Leray resulted in the release of the song “Up Now.” Soon after unveiling his album “Here 2 Stay,” DD Osama dropped the single “Let’s Do It” twice, featuring NLE Choppa and fellow Harlem rapper DeePlay4Keeps, respectively. He is closely linked with the OY (Original Youngins) gang, often mentioning their affiliation in his songs. July 2023 saw DD Osama embarking on the “Sorry for the Drought” tour alongside Lil Durk, further solidifying his presence and influence in the music scene.

Popularity of DD Osama

At 16, DD Osama has risen as the foremost prominent New York drill rapper, aside from Ice Spice. His appeal resonates uniquely compared to past frontrunners such as Pop Smoke and Sheff G, who held the title but were a few years his senior. DD Osama captures the adoration of a younger fanbase, encompassing children who have yet to reach the age for R-rated films, setting him apart with his distinct charm.

As the numbers rapidly surge, concert tickets become scarce, and a flurry of Tik Tok emerges, it becomes evident that capitalizing on the mounting hype is essential. While the album “Here 2 Stay” by DD Osama may not be replete with songs that exude inspiration or serve as therapeutic outlets, his candidness is driven by a sense of responsibility. He attempts to blend Lil Durk’s approach of oscillating between conventional drill bravado and poignant personal reflections.

Yet, this stylistic endeavor took Durk considerable time to hone, while DD is thrust into a trial by fire. Instances such as his subdued rendition of “Leave Me,” where he emotionally croons, “I just want my little brother, I don’t want fame no more,” evoke rawness to an almost challenging extent. His relative lack of experience is unmistakable on tracks like “Letter 2 Notti,” where his rapid flow awkwardly tangles as he strives to pay homage to his brother, grappling with an ineffable loss.

DD Osama Net Worth

Also recognized as David Reyes, DD Osama has risen as a prominent American rap sensation, hip-hop artist, and notable figure on social media platforms. As of 2023, DD Osama boasts a net worth of $0.5 million, largely amassed through the popularity of his music videos showcased on YouTube. DD Osama has garnered substantial recognition for his tracks “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s,” which have collectively garnered over a million views on YouTube, captivating a widespread audience. His presence extends beyond music, as he has garnered a substantial following of over 100,000 fans on his personal Instagram profile, further solidifying his fame and influence. DD Osama exhibits a captivating style, delivering potent and sharp verses at an impressive pace.

The Journey of DD Osama’s Success

Despite being in the nascent stages of his career, DD Osama has already garnered immense popularity, particularly with his notable hits “Dead Opps,” “Without You,” and “40s N 9s.” His journey into rap began relatively recently, in 2022, and he continues striving to achieve significant milestones within the industry.

DD Osama’s progression within hip-hop is proof to his dedication and hard work, as he consistently advances daily. He and his brother initiated their careers by establishing a temporary production venture at their grandmother’s abode, marking the inception of their artistic endeavors. Notably, DD Osama recently appeared as a guest vocalist on the track “PARTY IN THE USA,” showcasing his growing influence and collaborations within the music scene.

Physical Appearance of DD Osama

DD Osama is a member of the black racial group characterized by his youthful teenage status. Standing 5 feet and 3 inches, he maintains a weight of 50 kilograms, embodying. A healthy and physically fit stature that aligns harmoniously with his physique.

His distinct physical attributes contribute to his captivating presence. DD Osama possesses a mane of curly black hair that compliments his overall appearance, adding to his unique visual appeal. These distinctive features collectively contribute to his striking and memorable image.

Category Attributes
Father Name Mr. Osama
Name David DeShaun Reyes
Mother Name Mrs. Crimsley Martinez
Brother Name Ethan Reyes

Notti Osama

Sister Name Three
Girlfriend None
Marital Status Unmarried
Height approximately In feet: 5’3

In meters: 161m

Centimeters: 161 cm

Weight approximately In pounds: 110 lbs

In kilograms: 50 kg

Eye color Black
Height Colour Black


This is the table that shows his attributes according to different categories. The table is informative and tells much about the well-known rapper DD Osama.

Achievements of DD Osama

Despite his youthful years, DD Osama has achieved remarkable milestones in his career, showcasing an impressive trajectory. His chart-topping singles, including “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s,”. Not only gained viral status but also cultivated a substantial and devoted fan base. This early recognition has firmly established him as one of the rap industry’s most promising and dynamic young talents.

Beyond his musical triumphs, Osama has left an indelible imprint on the digital landscape, particularly on YouTube. Where his channel has garnered an impressive 100k subscribers. This consistent growth underscores his innate talent and undeniable appeal, capturing the attention of a wide-ranging audience.

Yet, the pinnacle of DD Osama’s accomplishments lies in the profound impact his music has had on his listeners. Through his lyrics. He skillfully translates genuine life encounters into his art, forging a deep and resonant connection with his fans.


In 2021, David Reyes, also known as DD. Marked his musical debut with the track “Aftermath,” a collaboration featuring his brother Ethan, Notti Osama, and fellow rapper Blockwork. It wasn’t until around June 2022 that Reyes began gaining notable attention for his work.


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