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Costeen Hatzi is a rise media influencer and celebrity who rosebush to eminence. However, after revealing her dedication to one of the eminent Tennis Universal games players. On 2 January 2022, this media star confirms her connection with Australian lawn tennis player Kyrgios. Therefore, Costeen is an Australian character popularly known for starting the just girlfriend in the latest years of the best tennis player Kyrgios. You would find out cheering for goes for play in the theater.

Later, she became a cyberspace sensation after starting a spot at the bledon. As of July, she has received almost 94k fans on her Instagram account. Often cadaver in the information for her new brand & casual aspect with her just boyfriend. In addition, she is almost 5 years more youthful than her just boyfriend, Nick. She often measures daily photos on her Instagram account & keeps her followers update about the completion of their operations.

Early Life:

On 16 May 2000, Nick Kyrios, age 22, was born to her parents in Australia. However, it’s trust that Kyrios belongs to a rich family. Her dad Terry Kallis is a professional man, while her mom Mary is a housewife. She also has a youthful sibling who is currently studying at a school. Costeen parents and her brother have a nice link with everybody. Therefore, if the origin is to trust, Hatzi was better in study since kid & always got nice marks. She completed her graduate from a typical school and later went to Catholic University. In addition, Costeen fully her greeter’s degree from ACU on 17 March 2021. In Psychological science & she shares her graduate day photo on her Instagram account.

Real Name Costeen Hatzi
Age 22 years old
Date of Birth May 16, 2000
Birthplace Australia
Famous as Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Ethnicities Caucasian
Father Terry Kallis
Mother Mary Hatzi
Siblings George Hatzi
Boyfriend Nick Kyrgios
Weight 48 Kg
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Eyes Brown
Hiar Brown
Education Australian Catholic University
Profession Model, social media
Net worth $1 million

Costeen Hatzi Career:

After complete college, Kyrgios girlfriend, Costeen, decides to become an Instagram account influencer. Costeen starts posts glamorous images on her IG handle. However, Progressively the number of her fans began to increase, but her followers count looks like the biggest jump. When she starts appearing with Nick, and at submit about 94 thousand audiences follow this Australian attractiveness on her Instagram account. Therefore, many bigger new brands now start work with her, a few of which are Gucci, Bottega, LV, BaliBody, and Dior Veneta. Cost also has its industry, Casa Interiors, and sells house decor items like Wavy, Vases, Candles, Frames, etc. In addition, this adventure accessible Hatzi to earn generously & afford her lavish lifestyle.

Personal Life:

Kyrgios Tennis and Costeen are sentimentally committed to one another, and they most newly share a smooch. However, we start together during the train assembly of Wimbledon on 4 July 2022. The Kyrgios Tennis player was pract his support to others and was blotchy on the camera share their kisses. Therefore, she often uses to stay near Nick for most of his Kyrgios tennis. Most recently, he is run for his Wimbledon procedure for the session. Back in December, the sportswoman went to her Instagram account. He authoritatively announces his dedication. After separating from his large-period girlfriend, she often uses to have on his links.

Height and Weight:

Kyrgios girlfriend is 5 feet 2 inches tall & weighs almost 50 Kilograms. However, Costeen Hatzi has a good body figure and is healthy. After that, her eyes are brown, and her hair is also brown. In kinds of body measurement, Costeen Hatzi is a lovely girl with a fantastic and calm celebrity.

Costeen Hatzi Net Worth:

Costeen Hatzi always sells her some things for $40-$100 more. Hatzi strongly makes a prosperous living from her annual sales. However, further Costeen Hatzi may look at living a sumptuous lifestyle with her companion & family indicate. In addition, her net worth is significant, and as of February, her estimated net worth is 1 million dollars.

Costeen Boyfriend and Dating:

Nick Kyrios is not in love with a male, but Costeen has latterly commenced look at Kyrgios. However, as she formerly says, she is a famous Australian tennis performer. She dated star Tomljanovic & Russian ace and Kalinskaya. She’s the antecedent connection with Passeri finished in divorce. In addition, after terminating his former connection, she posts a picture of himself with his modern girlfriend on her Instagram account. Following that, she releases a selfie of herself with Costeen, ceremonially discovering that they were an appointment.

It has a large since Kyrgios Tennis dated the superstar, Nick. However, they love one another more, and their intimacy gets contemplated in the reality she to on Nick’s inner side during his competition. Therefore, not numerous audiences know that Costeen Hatzi can’t view during that night, & it’s tough for her to look at faraway objects. So, Costeen wears spectacles when Kyrgios conduct Nick to his contest. In addition, they love to sojourn new locations and spend periods on beaches, which is lovely.

Relationship with Kyrgios:

Kyrgios’s girlfriend was to introduce during complete of she’s support for the period of the Australian wide in Park return in January. However, the period Costeen was describe as an essential member of his life. To complete their link history and each other rumor or actual catchups. They’ve took the help of an Instagram account to announce that they are engage now. In one of his interrogate returns in May, she hints that his romantic connection says he would marry soon.

The Australian kyrgios tennis star said daily contact is simple in the first months. When the audience invests in the past, she dated his companion, tennis player Tomljanovic early and has a slight romantic link with her. Anna with he finishes after a brief time, and they are in each other hands. In addition, most of the desirable bachelors and worldwide 13 tennis players too use to have the off link. The Passari dated incredibly from July to October.

Kyrgios lives in Australia:

Hatzi Kyrgios lives in Sydney, Australia, graduating in May from Catholic University. However, with an unmarried man, psychological sciences idea how got even though but the next section Instagram at the period. Therefore, she moves into a residence together in Sydne. She frequently positions videos of their live space, include their restoration & domestic decorations.

Costeen says meeting she was love at first sight:

In a January ESPN profile, Nick Kyrios recounted how the 2 first met. However, she was selling an imitation on her Instagram account & she reach out. While look for one to acquire, and they start dating after he shows up. At her door to buy a mirror, she of tennis manager Horsfall told limited comprehension of tennis. Therefore, she manager Horsfall ESPn that her attendance on tour has a confident influence on his support. In look, previous connection and they possibly were taking him in each other management.

She lifts him & gives motivation or inspiration, only a more significant partner to him. In addition, the Kyrios tennis advantage must praise her game tell information at the wide in Washington. That only start at peacefulness with life helps his support, and you are fortunate adequate. To an actual health connection that is love Costeen’s games and only fund say of his lover.

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Current Projects and Endeavors:

Hatzi is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen eye for identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities. His current ventures may include new business startups, investments, or partnerships. With a wealth of experience in various industries, Hatzi may offer his expertise as a consultant to help others achieve their business or personal goals. She is known for his philanthropic efforts and may be involved in various non-profit or charitable organizations, helping to make a positive impact in the world. As a successful entrepreneur and public figure, Hatzi may be giving speeches or presentations on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Hatzi has a strong artistic side and may be involved in creative projects such as writing, music, or visual arts.

Awards and Recognitions:

Hatzi may have received awards or recognition for his work in specific industries, such as technology, finance, or real estate. She has a strong reputation as a successful entrepreneur and may have been recognized for his business accomplishments by organizations such as Forbes, Inc., or Entrepreneur Magazine. Costeen is known for his philanthropic efforts and may have been recognized for his contributions to various charitable organizations or causes. As a prominent business figure, Hatzi may have been recognized for his leadership skills and ability to inspire and motivate others. She may have been recognized for his contributions to the community through volunteer work, mentorship, or other forms of community service.


Kyrgios girlfriend was connection in late, but the 2 wait until 2 Jan 2022. However, public servants are doing selfie captions to make it an Instagram account. A path to begin 2 days later, she posts an enormous fragrance of roses & stage in the picture. Therefore, a year after, Les celebrates the twin’s 1-year celebration with a sweet commendation. 1-year human is my life’s best year, and she captioned a picture of her and her in December. In addition, the Kyrgios tennis performer follows up with a post of his write a year. We met something that became the best next to a Tv series of pictures of Kyrgios Hatzzi.


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