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Clara Chia Marti, a 23-year-old individual from Spain, is said to be a Public Relations student enrolled at a prestigious private university. She is employed at Kosmos, a sports and entertainment production firm associated with Pique, where her role involves aiding in event coordination. It is believed that her introduction to Pique occurred through this professional connection.

Numerous accounts suggest that her father works as a legal practitioner, implying that she originates from a prosperous family background. Nevertheless, conflicting reports assert that she engaged in unconventional employment opportunities from an early age to secure her financial stability and independently fund her college education.

Biography of Clara Chia Marti

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Clara Chia Marti was born and raised in this vibrant city. Her educational journey led her to a prestigious local secondary school. Presently, she is pursuing a degree in Public Relations at a prominent private university in her homeland.

Notably, Clara also embraces a modeling career, boasting a striking physique that she maintains through a dedication to fitness, including yoga. Her professional endeavors extend to her role at Kosmos, Pique’s venture in sports and entertainment production, where she skillfully oversees event coordination. This role facilitated her introduction to the retired soccer player.

Participation in various modeling ventures has propelled Clara into the public eye, with her connection to Gerard Piqué, the former Spanish footballer, amplifying her visibility. Their relationship became evident around three months following Pique’s separation from his previous partner, the renowned Colombian singer Shakira, with whom he spent 11 years and shares two children.

Although they were seen together at a music festival in August 2022, it wasn’t until January 2023 that Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique officially confirmed their romantic involvement. Since then, the couple has continued publicly demonstrating their enjoyment of each other’s company, consistently sharing glimpses of their joyful moments with the world.

How old is Clara Chia Marti?

Born in 1999, Marti belongs to the cohort of Gen Z individuals who are captivating the world with their presence. In the current year, Marti marks her 23rd birthday, unlike the 36-year-old Pique.

Education of Clara Chia Marti

Clara Chia Marti, hailing from Spain, is not only a prominent figure in the realm of modeling but also a distinguished scholar of Public Relations. Her educational journey encompassed studies at a prestigious private institution and higher education at a distinguished university in Spain.

Clara Chia Marti’s Career

Born in 1999, Clara Chia Marti hails from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. She is recognize as a Spanish Mannequin and a student of Public Relations. Clara’s prominence grew due to her romantic involvement with Gerard Pique, the former partner of renowned artist Shakira. Pique is distinguish as a skillful soccer player, actively contributing as a center-back for the La Liga team Barcelona.

Clara’s journey to higher education was marked by determination; she dedicate months to working as a waitress to fund her pursuit of attending university. Moreover, her professional experience extended to an organization named Kosmos, where she also played a role.

Net Worth of Clara Chia Marti

Reportedly, Clara Chia Marti’s estimated net worth is around $200K. She’s a public relations student pursuing her education while juggling work responsibilities. She is notably engage with Pique’s film and television production enterprise, Kosmos, where she actively orchestrates special events. Yet, whispers in the grapevine suggest that the lion’s share of her financial outlays are allegedly cover by her romantic partner, the accomplish footballer Gerard Pique.

Sources suggest that Pique has reportedly financed her enrollment at the esteeme International School of Protocol in Barcelona, indicating his support for her educational pursuits. Moreover, he purportedly shoulders the financial burden for her indulgence in luxury items. Some paparazzi sources have even claimed that she resides in an opulent mansion worth a staggering 4 million euros, situated in an exclusive sector of Barcelona, all thanks to Pique’s generosity.

Early Life of Clara Chia Marti

Clara Chia Marti, a local figure who has recently risen to prominence, gained her recognition primarily due to her close association with a well-known sports personality. She attend a private school in her hometown during her childhood and was recognize as an outstanding student. As she progressed in her education, Chia Marti even engaged in various modeling competitions, showcasing her diverse talents. Furthermore, she actively participated in various activities, including cycling, swimming, and badminton.

Marti is now dedicate to completing her education at a renowned Spanish university. Her chosen field of study is public relations, highlighting her ambition to cultivate effective communication and relationship-building skills. As I pen down this composition, Clara Chia Marti diligently works towards attaining her degree while contributing to her evolving narrative of accomplishment and growth.

How did the relationship between Clara & Pique Start?

Following an 11-year journey together, during which they welcomed two children into the world, Shakira and Piqué verified their separation in June 2022 via a harmonious joint declaration. Allegedly, the former partners reached an understanding not to publicly appear with their new companions within the initial year post their split. Remarkably, in less than three months, Pique was spott at Catalonia’s Summerfest Cerdanya festival with his newfound love interest, Clara.

Subsequently, the duo officially introduced themselves in August, displaying affection while attending a mutual friend’s wedding in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. According to individuals in Pique’s circle, a concerte effort has been made to maintain discretion around the relationship.

The private life of Clara Chia Marti

On Monday, the retire football star, age 36, was seen out for a midday meal with his partner, Marti, age 26. The joyful pair appeared content as they walked around the streets of Barcelona wearing matching deep blue attire to kick off the week.

Marti and the former athlete were initially link romantically following their attendance at a music festival in August 2022, though their relationship’s exact origins and timeline remain unclear. Marti has maintained her personal life away from public scrutiny since her association with the Spanish footballer. While she has an Instagram account, her profile is private, boasting just five posts and roughly 175 followers, including Pique.

The duo publicly acknowledged their relationship in January, a mere seven months after Pique and singer Shakira announced their separation in June 2022. Pique and Shakira, aged 46, were a couple for more than 11 years and are parents to two sons, Milan and Sasha.

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile, the fresh couple of Piqué and Marti garnered attention when Shakira appeared to indirectly address their relationship in two songs early in the year, titled “BZRP Music Session #53” and “TQG.”

Where did Clara live with her husband?

Reportedly, Gerard Piqué has relocated his new partner, Clara Chia Marti, into the residence he previously shared with his former spouse, Shakira. The dissolution of the 11-year relationship between the ex-couple was officially acknowledge in June, shortly after allegations arose of Piqué, a 36-year-old former FC Barcelona and Spain footballer, being unfaithful to the 46-year-old singer Shakira.

Seemingly indicating a fresh start, Gerard has supposedly established a new living arrangement with 24-year-old Clara in the same Barcelona dwelling where Shakira initially resided upon her arrival in Spain. This house also holds the significance of being where she lived during her pregnancy with Milan, the eldest son of the former couple, who is now 10.

Unknown Facts about Chia Clara Marti

  • Clara is an individual who embraces a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to life, finding value in simplicity rather than indulging in expensive possessions. This perspective is evident in her choice not to carry or adorn herself with lavish items.
  • In her quest for well-being, Clara diligently practices various self-care rituals. These include immersing herself in books, expressing her thoughts through journaling, and diligently tending to her skin and body.
  • Clara Marti is a dedicate yoga practitioner in practice not widely known. This commitment to yoga is a tool for nurturing her mental well-being, contributing to a balanced and harmonious state of mind.
  • Driven by her health consciousness, Clara meticulously curates her diet, exclusively consuming organic and nutrient-rich foods that contribute to her overall vitality.
  • A regular at the gym, Marti devotes 4-5 days each week to weightlifting, sculpting her physique, and maintaining her fitness levels.
  • Demonstrating an adventurous spirit, Clara nurtures a genuine passion for traveling and envisions exploring new horizons in the days ahead.
  • Her love for sports is most notably manifest in her affinity for football, which is deeply root in Spanish culture. This enduring fondness underscores her connection to her heritage and her personal preferences.


Clara Chia Marti is a Spanish model pursuing her public relations education. Born in 1999, she has now reached the age of 23. If her name isn’t on your radar, let me acquaint you with her connection to Gerard Pique, who has recently caught the attention of Shakira’s ex-husband’s latest romantic interest. Gerard Pique is a notable football talent, occupying the center-back position for the La Liga team Barcelona.


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